My data breach as been breached…what can I do?

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If your personal information is compromised in a data breach – regardless of whether the privacy violation happened at the hands of cybercriminals or because of human error – you must take immediate action. At Keller Postman UK, our data breach solicitors believe this is necessary because, should your data fall into the wrong hands, you could become the victim of data identity theft and fraud. 

In today’s digital world, your personal data is valuable, and following a breach, details (e.g. email addresses) are often found for sale on the dark web. Frequently, this information is sold over and over again. So data breach victims can be targeted by more than one cybercriminal, in more than one cyber-attack. 

Keller Postman UK’s data breach lawyers have considerable experience helping people whose data has been breached. And, to help you stay safe following a breach or cyber-attack, we recommend the following steps. 

Contact the Information Commissioner’s Office 


As a first step, you should report the data breach to the Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO).  

The ICO is the UK’s data protection regulator. It investigates suspected data breaches and often takes action against companies that are found guilty of committing a violation (or making one possible)In serious cases, the ICO might even issue a huge fine.  

The ICO doesn’t give any of this money to victims of data breaches. Still, as your data breach solicitor, we use the evidence uncovered by the ICO to argue your compensation case when we take on such organisations. 

Concerned about the way your personal data has been handled? Start a complaint with the ICO.


You should report suspected fraud attempts to the police and Action Fraud

Check the “small print” of any offer  

If you are offered compensation or free services from the organisation that put your data at risk, check the small print. Be careful that by accepting an offer, you don’t give away your rights to pursue a data breach compensation claim at a later date. 

This is important because the full impact of a data breach is often not felt until months after the initial violationIt icrucial that you are not left short if your situation escalates.   

Contact Victim Support

Victim Support is a leading independent charityEach year, it offers support to victims of crime and traumatic incidents across the UK. 

Many people suffer distress, anxiety and stress following a data breach, and this can have a significant impact on you mentally and physically. If you need support after a data breach or cybercrime, Victim Support may be able to help. 

Make a compensation claim with expert data breach solicitors


To ensure your data breach claim is successful, you must get professional legal representation. But choosing a data breach lawyer can be daunting. Not least because – should you get it wrong – your decision could prove to be a costly mistake.  

For the best chance of winning, contact the Keller Postrman UK data breach teamSpecialists in data breach lawwe understand what it takes to make a successful data breach claim, regardless of the type of organisation involved.  

Contact our expert data breach lawyers to discuss a data breach.

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