Greencore data breach


In December 2021, Greencore began to experience some IT disruption. The business, which is a leading UK manufacturer of convenience foods, looked into the incident and discovered that it had experienced a cyberattack. In response, the company was forced to shut down some of its systems. Following the security failure, Greencore investigated the incident and uncovered that some HR data had been accessed.

The Greencore data breach

In February 2022 – two months after the attack – Greencore wrote to employees to warn them that their personal information might have been exposed. The stolen information related to current and former Greencore employees. It included:

This is a significant amount of personal information and the delay in notifying those affected meant that employees were not given the chance to secure their personal data between then and now. As information stolen in breaches is often used by cybercriminals, this delay left Greencore employees vulnerable to cyber fraud and scams.


Why did victims claim Greencore data breach compensation?

To hold Greencore to account for failing to protect their private information.

To receive financial compensation for any related loss.

To force Greencore to implement better data security.

Those affected by the Greencore cyber-attack were at risk

Following the breach, we advised all affected current and former Greencore employees to be vigilant.

When data is compromised in a security incident, it is often shared and sold on the dark web. And, while Greencore informed its employees that “the manner in which the data was stored means that it is not easy for someone to access and/or read” this did not mean that it wouldn’t be used by criminals.

Greencore stated that it was “confident that none of your information has been shared online or otherwise misused following the incident and we also believe that the risks of this happening at anytime are minimal”. However, it could not guarantee the safety of the data.

Similar data breaches have resulted in fraud, blackmail, and identity theft, so Greencore employees were at high risk of being targeted by cybercriminals.

Greencore Data Breach Timeline

  • December 2021
    Greencore began to experience some IT disruption
  • February 2022
    Greencore wrote to employees and former employees to tell them that HR data had been accessed in the attack.

Your questions answered

See our answers to the FAQs we were asked about the Greencore data breach.

How did the security incident happen?

In December 2021, Greencore experienced a cyberattack. Greencore investigated the incident and discovered that some HR data had been accessed. This information related to current and former Greencore employees.

What data was accessed?

The stolen information included:

  • Names
  • Contact details
  • Details of the individual’s role at Greencore
  • Salary details
  • Absence and holiday information
  • National insurance numbers
  • Passport numbers
  • Bank account details.


Was my data accessed?

If you were affected by the data breach, Greencore should have been in touch to notify you. 

Why did Greencore take two months to tell affected employees?

Greencore claims the delay was justified because, while it became aware in December 2021 that it had experienced a cyberattack, it was only after investigation that the business discovered that current and former employee data was accessed in the attack.

Could Greencore fire employees who made a data breach claim against it?

Greencore could not fire employees for making a data breach claim.

An employer cannot fire you or harm your career in any way if you make a compensation claim. Greencore would be breaking employment law if it did, and any action could be classed as discrimination.

Can I make a compensation claim?

Our action is now closed.