EasyJet data breach victims reporting financial losses

Easyjet data breach

According to Action Fraud, there have been a number of reports in relation to the EasyJet data breach. As of May this year, there had been 51 reports in relation to the breach at the airline, with a total of £11,752.81 in stated losses. One customer lost £2,750 following the cyberattack. It is likely that the number of reports has increased since then. Those affected by this breach all booked flights between 17th October 2019 and 4th March 2020.

That’s despite the airline claiming that there was no evidence of any financial damage caused by the incident.

Action Fraud has warned those involved in the EasyJet data hack to be vigilant


Action Fraud has provided advice and guidance if you think you have been affected. A statement on its website says:

Action Fraud has been made aware by the National Cyber Security Centre of the cyber breach affecting EasyJet customers. We’re currently monitoring our system for EasyJet related reports to see if there has been a significant increase.

At this time we’re advising the public that if they think they’ve been a victim of fraud as a result of a data breach, to report it Action Fraud via the online reporting tool or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Here is what to do if you think you have been affected:

  • Phishing– Criminals may use your personal details to target you with convincing emails, texts and calls. Be suspicious of unsolicited requests for your personal or financial details. If you receive an email which you’re not quite sure about, forward it to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS): report@phishing.gov.uk.
  • Financial details – If your financial data was compromised, be vigilant against any unusual activity in your bank accounts or suspicious phone calls and emails asking for further information. If you notice any unauthorised transactions, notify your bank or card company.  
  • Passwords –Customers should ensure their passwords are secure. If you have been affected, you may want to consider changing passwords for key accounts such as banking. See Cyber Aware’s adviceon creating a good password that you can remember, or read the NCSC’s blog post for help on using a password manager.
  • Report– If you think you have been a victim of fraud or cybercrime, report it to us

At KP Law, our expert data protection lawyers are also warning people about the risks, with advice on what to do to protect yourself. You can read our guidance here.

Crucially, the effects of a data hack might not be immediately apparent, as stolen data is often used in batches over time. So, even if you have not yet suffered a loss, this doesn’t mean you are safe. You must take steps to protect yourself if you were involved in the EasyJet data hack.

Make an EasyJet compensation claim


In addition to implementing the suggested security steps, if EasyJet has failed to uphold your data security rights, you should also consider making a compensation claim.

We are watching this case with interest, and, if it transpires that EasyJet has failed to protect its customers, our no-win, no-fee group litigation action can help them to seek justice. Group actions can be a powerful tool and can have a bigger impact than a single claim.

We have already been contacted by people concerned that their data has been breached by EasyJet; many who are understandably upset and anxious about the breach.

To become part of our EasyJet group action, we need you to register with us. This guarantees that you will form part of the compensation claims that will be lodged by us. We will also keep you updated about developments in this case as they happen.

If you were a part of this breach you should have been contacted by EasyJet by 26th May 2020. Everyone who received this confirmation can make a data breach claim.

There are no costs to register and no obligation to proceed.

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