Shoe Zone Data Breach

A data breach at Shoe Zone has put thousands of customers at risk of scammers and fraudsters.

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UK-based footwear retailer Shoe Zone has experienced a data breach. The company, which has hundreds of stores across the UK and a strong online presence, lost control of its customer data after a cyber incident.

Shoe Zone did not immediately reveal what information was accessed, but according to reports, the data compromised includes customers:

The stolen data includes sensitive personal and financial information, so the breach poses a significant risk to affected customers.

At this stage, we do not have confirmation on whether the breach affects both offline and online shoppers. However, the retailer posted a notice on its website stating that affected individuals will be notified.

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Victims of the Shoe Zone data breach could be at risk

IntelBroker, a known ‘threat actor’ is reportedly behind the Shoe Zone hack. IntelBroker has previously claimed responsibility for several large data breaches, including those against Barclays Bank, Facebook Marketplace, Home Depot and General Electric.

Threat actors are individuals or groups that intentionally harm digital devices or systems. Unlike hackers, threat actors don’t always have the expert technical skills needed to manipulate computer systems. Instead, they tend to use malware and other scams to exploit existing vulnerabilities. This indicates that there may have been weaknesses in Shoe Zone’s security setup.

Victims of this breach must now be vigilant. IntelBroker has a history of selling compromised data on underground forums, and criminals often buy such data to commit fraud and identity theft. As such, Shoe Zone customers are at high risk of being targeted by cybercriminals and should take immediate steps to protect themselves.

Our data protection experts have provided some guidance on how to do this.

We may be able to claim compensation for any distress or financial losses experienced because of this breach and we urge anyone affected to register with us.   



Shoe Zone data breach timeline

  • 27 June 2024.
    Popular discount footwear chain ShoeZone filed a cyber breach notice with the London Stock Exchange
  • 28 June 2024.
    News of the Shoe Zone data breach began to emerge in the media, but there was limited information on who was affected or what data was stolen.
  • 29 June 2024.
    Cybersecurity and Darknet awareness platform reported that the compromised data included sensitive personal and financial information.

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FAQs about the Shoe Zone data breach

There is limited information available about this attack. However, we do know that IntelBroker, a known ‘threat actor’ is reportedly behind the Shoe Zone data protection breach.

According to IntelBroker, who claims to be behind the Shoe Zone data breach, the compromised data affects around 200,000 individuals and includes sensitive personal information and partial financial details. 

According to Shoe Zone, on becoming aware of the incident, it enacted its established IT security protocols and took immediate steps to stop the unauthorised access to its systems and data.

Shoe Zone should be in touch to notify affected individuals.

Anyone who thinks they might be involved should take immediate steps to protect themselves.  Find out how to do this here 

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